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Our mares Funa and Freyja have been imported from the US and Canada in 2008. They came in foal to Hrafn fra Gardabae and Undri fra Icelandic Horse Farm. All our mares have been started under saddle over the years. Some have only had a little bit of training due to being in foal regularly. Usually we give the brood mares a year or two off after having three foals in a row. 

Funa from Icelandic Magic
FEIF: US2004202667
DOB: 10. 5. 2004



S:     IS1996101805      Svartbakur fra Holum

SS:   IS1968157460      Hrafn fra Holtsmula

SM:  IS1980255001      Kria fra Laekjamoti

M:    US1998202443    Una fra Sigurdssons Icelandics

MS:  US85101483        Hugur fra Hofsstadaseli

MM: US91200922        Lukka fra Eyrarbakka



Funa is a five gaited mare with quite impressive bloodlines. With Hrafn fra Holtsmula, Svartbakur fra Holum and Hugur fra Hofsstadaseli in her pedigree she is a great breeding prospect. She was imported from Seattle, USA in March 2008. Before that Funa was bred to the first price stallion Hrafn fra Gardabae at Flying C Ranch, California.

On the 17th of October 2008 she had her first foal, a chestnut filly - Hlýja. Since then she has had three fillies to our stallion Dagfari and one to Galdur fra Daeli.

Funa has been tested for Silver dilution because there was a chance of her having the silverdapple gene through her grandsire Hugur fra Hofsstadaseli. She tested negative for it.

Funa has been started with ground work in November 2009 by a German horse trainer and stayed at Narrawin stud from May to August 2010 for further training.


Funa's foals all have a lot of tolt and spirit. They show a lot of potential as riding and breeding horses.






















More photos of Funa and her offspring....


Sunna from Ozlandics
FEIF: AU2007205001
DOB: 14. 11. 2007



S:       DE2004143189  Gneisti von Roetgen

SS:     DE1997106860  Dreyri von Roetgen

SM:    DE2000243874 Dagskjóna von Roetgen

M:      NZ2002201008 Sota from Vindholar Southern Icelandics

MS:    DE1997143863 Dux von Roetgen

MM:   DE1993244860 Glæsa (Gleisa)



Sunna is a mare I bought from a breeder in Kalgoorlie. She is a lovely chestnut pinto and five gaited. Her mother Sota was bred in New Zealand and her father is the imported stallion Gneisti von Roetgen.

Sunna had a filly to Forkur from Vindholar, who was also bred in New Zealand by the Vinbrux family on the 25th of September 2011.


Since then she was started under saddle and had two foals to Skelmir from Litli Stadur, one to Dagfari and her 2017/2018 foals to Lotto. 



More photos of Sunna ...


Freyja frá Iliff's Icelandics
FEIF: CA2004201937
DOB: 29. 6. 2004



S:     IS1996184156     Flugar fra Skalakoti

SS:   IS1986186055     Orri fra Thufu

SM:  IS1988284158      Syrpa fra Skalakoti

M:    CA1997201246     Orka fra Iliff’s Icelandics

MS:  IS1986186030     Segull fra Stora-Hofi

MM:  IS1988286313     Kolla fra Bakkakoti



Freyja is a four gaited mare with very good bloodlines. With Orri fra Thufu, Flugar fra Skalakoti and Thattur fra Kirkjubae in her pedigree she is a great prospect for breeding. She was imported from Vernon, Canada in March 2008. Before that she was bred to the pinto stallion Undri fra Icelandic Horse Farm at the Iceland Horse Farm, Vernon.

On the 2nd of November 2008 she had her first foal, a black colt - Skelmir. Since then she has had two colts to our stallion Dagfari and one to Galdur fra Daeli.

Freyja  was at Narrawin stud for starting from mid August to October 2009. In between foals we rode her a little bit and in 2013/2014/2015 we have given Freyja  break from having babies to give her more training under saddle. She has been trained by Birgit Kossmann from Great Ocean Road Icelandics over the last two years and is doing really well. Her training is mainly focussed on dressage at the moment and she placed 6th at her first dressage competition. 


Freyja's foals are very good looking and make very nice riding horses. Two of her sons are under saddle and doing really well.





















More photos of Freyja and her offspring...


Askja from Litli Stadur
FEIF: AU2011203050
DOB: 25. 11. 2011



S:     CA2002101626     Dagfari fra Clear Lake Farm

SS:    DE1979100303    Náttfari vom Wiesenhof

SM:    DE1987235006   Skvetta-Hrefna

M:    US2004202667   Funa from Icelandic Magic

MS:  IS1996101805     Svartbakur fra Holum

MM: US1998202443    Una fra Sigurdsson’s Icelandics

Askja is a very well put together five gaited mare. She has been started under saddle and shows a lot of nice and clear beat tolt as well as a good trot and canter. Askja has had 3 foals so far and is in foal to Lotto von Svada-Kol-Kir, due to foal in December 2022.

More photos of Askja

svipa nele oct 19.jpg

Svipa from Litli Stadur


FEIF: AU2014203050

DOB: 16. 10. 2014



S:     IS1995165041      Galdur frá Daeli

M:    US2004202667    Funa from Icelandic Magic


Svipa is another great filly out of Funa. She is most likely five gaited and shows a lot of tolt at liberty in the paddock.  She is only approx. 13 hands, so needs a light rider. For now we have decided to keep her as a riding horse and breed a foal from her next year.

More info...

Nattdis from Narrawin


FEIF: AU2017203041

DOB: 23. 12. 2017

nattdis aug2020.jpg



S:  CA2002101626   Dagfari from Clear Lake Farm

M: AU2007203050  Brana from Alpine Icelandics


Nattdis is a filly bred for us by Narrawin stud. She is Dagfari's last offspring. We will keep her as a riding horse and for breeding. Nattdis is in foal to Kulur fra Haholti and due in January 2023.

Hrönn from Litli Stadur


FEIF: AU2017203051

DOB: 30. 11. 2017

Hronn Feb 2020.jpg



S:  DE2007141521    Lotto von Svada-Kol-Kir

M: CA2004201937   Freyja fra Iliff's Icelandics


Hrönn is Freyja's first filly ever. She has good conformation and shows tolt in the paddock. We will keep her as riding horse and for breeding. Hronn is in foal to Kulur fra Haholti and due to foal in January 2023.


Olga från




FEIF: SE2017224911

DOB: 07. 07. 2017


S: SE1990102766 - Flipi från Österåker

M: SE2003203190 - Litla-Ljúfa från Hästabet

Olga is a swedish bred, silver blue dun mare that will arrive in Australia in August 2022. We are very excited about our newest addition to the herd. Olga is out of two well assessed parents and is currently ridden as a 4 gaiter. Olga has super easy tolt. She is in foal to the beautiful Rasputin von Myraland and we are hoping for a healthy foal in March 2023.

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