Tack and Saddles for Sale

Second Hand Saddles for Sale

These three saddles are older and are in used condition, but haven't been used frequently in the last few years.

The black saddle with the ribbed seat is a Thornhill Icelandic saddle with an extra wide gullet and 18" seat. It is extremely comfortable. AUD 400 - SOLD!

The black one with the smooth seat is a Championrider Icelandic (German made) saddle with a medium gullet and medium sized knee rolls. It has a few scratch marks on the leather and would suit a longer horse best. Price: AUD 200


The brown saddle is a Walter Feldman Tolt saddle. It is in good used condition with a wide gullet. Has long girth ends. Fits a horse with a shorter back as well. no knee rolls. quality leather. German made Price: AUD 250

 Saddles also fit non Icelandic horses.

Karlslund and Hrimnir tack and saddles


Renske Younger





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