Kulur may 2021.jpg
Kulur frá Háholti
FEIF: IS2010188026
DOB: 15. 6. 2010
1st Prize Stallion available from November 2021 @ Litli Stadur
Import: Iceland



S:     IS1998187002 - Stáli frá Kjarri

SS:   IS1990157003 - Galsi frá Sauðarkróki

SM:  IS1991286414 - Jónína frá Hala


M:    IS1998288025 - Őnn frá Háholti

MS:  IS1995188801 - Þyrnir frá þóroddstöðum

MM: IS1984287015 - Kylja frá Háholti

Kulur's assessment:

kulur assessment.png

Kulur is an absolutely amazing black stallion with star that will arrive in Australia in October 2021. Kulur is currently available to purebred mares forom June to September 2021 in EBELTOFT, DENMARK.

Book in your mare for your only chance to use this amazing stallion in Europe.

For bookings please email Anne-Katrine Justnaes: ak_justnes@hotmail.com OR 

Sille Sandell: silledalgaard@hotmail.com

Kulur is a five gaited stallion that always shows clean beated Tolt and has even gait distribution. He certainly lives up to his name 'Cool' with his calm temperament and amazing character. He is a very sweet boy that enjoys the company of people. Kulur will be the highest evaluated stallion in Australia!! We are looking forward to his first Australian breeding season starting in November 2021. Limited places available, so book your mare in early!