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Horses for Sale

For more information please get in touch with Nele: or 0429 017 958

Price categories: all prices in Australian Dollars
A: $ 8000 - $ 10000
B: $ 10500 - $ 12000
C: $ 12500 - $ 15000
D: $ 15500 - $ 18000
E: $ 18500 and over

Vina from Litli Stadur  SOLD!

Price Category: A

DOB: 8.11.2022

FEIF ID: AU2022203051

Vina is a beautiful black filly with a star out of our most reliable mare Funa and our first prize stallion Kulur fra Haholti! She is friendly with good conformation, lots of tolt and nice long legs. Vina will be a fantastic riding horse and also suited for breeding when she grows up! 

Hrydja from Litli Stadur

Category A

DOB: 16.11.2022

FEIF ID: AU2022203052

Hrydja is a lovely brown/black filly out of Ljosmey from Haldanes and Kulur fra Haholti. She is super friendly, shows a lot of tolt, has very nice conformation and is tall. She will make a great riding and breeding horse when she grows up!

Draumur from Litli Stadur

Category: A

DOB: 19.12.2022

FEIF: AU2022103054

Draumur is a really good looking colt out of Nattdis from Narrawin and first prize stallion Kulur fra Haholti. Although he is currently still a bit shy, he shows good movements, lots of tolt and has nice conformation. He will be sold as a gelding after weaning. Draumur will make a very nice riding horse when he grows up.

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