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Price categories: all prices in Australian Dollars
A: $ 5500 - $ 7000
B: $ 7500 - $ 10000
C: $ 10500 - $ 13000
D: $ 13500 - $ 15000
E: $ 15500 and over

Odinn from Haldane Icelandic Horses

Ridden Icelandic Horse Gelding!

Price Category: E

DOB: 17. 10. 2009

FEIF ID: AU2009103002

Our much loved gelding, Odinn from Haldane, is being offered for sale. Odinn is a well ridden Icelandic horse and was born in 2009. His sire is Tandri von Roetgen and his dam is Alma from Haldane.


Odinn is a sensitive horse who has impeccable ground manners and who is very affectionate. He’s great with all other horses and is the pack leader, always making sure that everyone around him in his herd is happy and healthy. He is also good with other farm animals and has been ridden around cattle and dogs. Odinn has done a fair bit of liberty training and ground work and is suitable as a lead led horse for young children.

From a riding perspective he would be most suited to a rider who can provide direction and is consistent and first and foremost wants to have fun. He is not suited to an absolute beginner or nervous rider. Odinn has been to clinics, has done trail rides and is great in both settings within a group. He does not spook. When riding him out alone on trail rides, he will need to be with an owner who he trusts as he can get anxious leaving his friends behind.



If you are interested and would like more information on Odinn, please contact Tara on 0428 206 199.

Odinn is owned by Tara Lancashire and will be able to be viewed at HestaViska in Arthurs Creek, near Melbourne. Appointment is nescessary. For more info get in touch with Tara, Nele (0429017958) or Renska Younger (HestaViska - 0438 042 015)

Odinn from Haldane
Odinn from Haldane
Odinn 7 Tara
Odinn & Fengur
Sunna from Ozlandics          Sold

Category E

DOB: 14. 11. 2007

FEIF ID: AU2007205001

Meaning of name: sun

Sex: mare


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Sindri from Litli Stadur

Category A


DOB: 20th November 2017

FEIF ID: AU2017103050

Meaning of name: sparkling

Sex: gelding


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Elding from Litli Stadur

Category C - D  SOLD!

DOB: 13th November 2017

FEIF ID: AU2017203050

Colour: Chestnut pinto with half blaze

Gender: Filly

Meaning of name: lightning strike

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Fylkir from Litli Stadur


Price on request

Category C

DOB: 19th November 2014

FEIF ID: AU2014103050

Meaning of name: king

Sex: gelding


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fylkir tassie 2.jpg
Lenja from Litli Stadur   

DOB: 23rd November 2018

FEIF ID: AU2018203050

Meaning of name: snow/sleet storm

Sex: filly

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Sjoli from Litli Stadur   

DOB: 25th November 2012

FEIF ID: AU2012103050

Meaning of name: king

Sex: gelding

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