We give our young horses the best possible chance to grow out well and in a herd situation. They are able to build up their muscles running in a couple of big, hilly paddocks. There they learn the herd dynamics, pecking order and respect of older horses. Caracol, our old Paso Fino gelding unfortunately can't be ridden anymore due to an injury, that is why he is playing baby sitter to all the youngsters. He is the boss of the herd and looks out for all of them.

Svipa from Litli Stadur
FEIF: AU2014203050
DOB: 16. 10. 2014



S:     IS1995165041      Galdur frá Daeli

M:    US2004202667    Funa from Icelandic Magic


Svipa is another great filly out of Funa. She is most likely five gaited and shows a lot of tolt at liberty in the paddock.  She is only approx. 13 hands, so needs a light rider. For now we have decided to keep her as a riding horse and breed a foal from her next year.

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renska svipa 3 oct 19.jpg
Hrafn from Litli Stadur
FEIF: AU2015103051
DOB: 03. 11. 2015



S:  CA2002101626   Dagfari fra Clear Lake Farm

M: US2004202667  Funa from Icelandic Magic


Hrafn is a well put together black gelding with lots and lots of tolt and most likely pace. He is developing into a lovely horse with lots of potential as a great riding horse. We will keep Hrafn as a future riding gelding.

Sindri from Litli Stadur
FEIF: AU2017103050
DOB: 20. 11. 2017

Pedigree:                SOLD!


S:  AU2012103050  Sjoli from Litli Stadur

M: AU2011203050   Askja from Litli Stadur


Sindri is a very friendly boy with fantastic temperament. He is always one of the first ones to come up and say hello when you come to the paddock. Sindri is most likely 5 gaited and shows a lot of Tolt.

I think that Sindri will make a lovely riding horse for the whole family.

Elding from Litli Stadur
FEIF: AU2017203050
DOB: 13. 11. 2017

Pedigree:             SOLD!


S:  DE2007141521    Lotto von Svada-Kol-Kir

M: AU2007205001   Sunna from Ozlandics


Elding is the first Australian born foal out of Lotto. She is already really friendly and is showing all gaits including tolt and pace at liberty in the paddock.

Hrönn from Litli Stadur
FEIF: AU2017203051
DOB: 30. 11. 2017



S:  DE2007141521    Lotto von Svada-Kol-Kir

M: CA2004201937   Freyja fra Iliff's Icelandics


Hrönn is Freyja's first filly ever. She has good conformation and shows tolt in the paddock. We will keep her as a future breeding mare.

Lenja from Litli Stadur
FEIF: AU2018203050
DOB: 23. 11. 2018

Pedigree:                SOLD!


S:  DE2007141521    Lotto von Svada-Kol-Kir

M: AU2011203050   Askja from Litli Stadur

Lenja is a very friendly five gaited filly with lots of potential and interesting colour. 

Solstjarna from Litli Stadur
FEIF: AU2018203051
DOB: 27. 11. 2018
Draumey from Litli Stadur
FEIF: AU2018203052
DOB: 9. 12. 2018
draumey may 2020.jpg



S:  DE2007141521    Lotto von Svada-Kol-Kir

M: CA2004201937   Freyja fra Iliff's Icelandics

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melodia may 2020
Melodia from Litli Stadur
FEIF: AU2019203053
DOB: 15. 1. 2019



S:  DE2007141521    Lotto von Svada-Kol-Kir

M: AU2007205001  Sunna from Ozlandics


Draumey is a very interestingly marked filly with tons of tolt and pace! She has really nice supple movements and will stay in our herd for now.



S:  DE2007141521    Lotto von Svada-Kol-Kir

M: US2004202667   Funa from Icelandic Magic


Melodia is a lovely looking filly with lots of potential. She will stay in our herd for now as a future breeding mare.



I certainly don't want to forget about my trusted geldings who play an important role within our herd. 

Nattdis Aug 2020.jpg
Nattdis from Narrawin
FEIF: AU2017203041
DOB: 23. 12. 2017



S:  CA2002101626   Dagfari from Clear Lake Farm

M: AU2007203050  Brana from Alpine Icelandics


Nattdis is a filly bred for us by Narrawin stud. She is Dagfari's last offspring. We will keep her as a future breeding mare.

Sörli from Haldane Icelandics
FEIF: AU2003103002
DOB: 23. 10. 2003 - 13.03.2017

Sörli is my most trusted and reliable horse. He is one of my first horses I bought after moving to Australia. I have had him since he is two years old and started him under saddle myself. He and I have been to many different places and events. Sörli has played the baby sitter to a lot of the foals after weaning or travel companion on the float.


He is five gaited but not trained in pace. His tolt and his trot are easy to ride for every one. Unfortunately Sorli passed away suddenly in March 2017.


Paso Fino
DOB: 1998

Caracol is my only non Icelandic. I bought him at a dispersal sale a few years ago. He is a very well trained and fun to ride gelding. Unfortunately he got injured a while ago and can't be ridden at the moment. 

Caracol is enjoying his retirement in a big paddock with the youngsters though and is a very good baby sitter and protector of the herd.

Skelmir from Litli Stadur
FEIF: AU2008103050
DOB: 2. 11. 2008

Skelmir was my second foal I ever bred. His father is Undri fra Icelandic Horse Farm who is standing in Canada. Skelmir served as a breeding stallion up to November 2014. He has several lovely and easy going offspring.

Skelmir is started under saddle and shows tolt and trot. He is not very tall but with his impressive mane he looks very nice. On top of his good looks he has a fantastic personality and temperament.


Skelmir will be used as a school horse and will hopefully be Nelson's first riding horse in a few years. Skelmir lives in Northern Victoria as a companion horse at the moment.

Sjoli from Litli Stadur
FEIF: AU2012103050
DOB: 25. 11. 2012

Pedigree:   SOLD!


S:     IS1995165041    Galdur frá Daeli

SS:   IS1990157003    Galsi frá Sauðárkróki

SM:  IS1975525841     Brunka frá Syðri-Hofdölum


M:    CA2004201937   Freyja frá Iliff's Icelandics

MS:   IS1996184156   Flugar frá Skálakoti

MM: CA1997201246   Orka frá Iliff's Icelandics

Sjoli is our Australian bred gelding out of Freyja and Galdur. He has lovely temperament and does well when being worked in the round yard. Sjoli already measures 140 cm at the withers.

Sjoli is four gaited and has been started under saddle by Narrawin stud.



Sjoli doing some long reining with Hanna