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We are proud to be able to offer two stallions that stand at stud. Lotto (no longer available for breeding) and Gneisti were imported from Germany (via New Zealand - Gneisti) and our new addition Kulur frá Háholti will arrive in Australia in October 2021. 

We only accept pure bred Icelandic mares for breeding. Cross breeding with other breeds is not a common practice within the Icelandic Horse world and is not encouraged. Any cross breds cannot be registered. Usually the stallions run with the mares for around 6 weeks or the mares are hand served, depending on which stallion is used. In some cases we prefer to hand serve.  Please get in touch for more information about the stallions and stud services.

Hedinn fra Feti is owned by Hvidemosen Islandsheste, Denmark and is his semen is only used for our own breeding program.

Kulur frá Háholti
FEIF: IS2010188026
DOB: 15. 6. 2010
1st Prize Stallion available from November 2021 @ Litli Stadur
Imported from Iceland
Kulur Landsmot 2016.jpg
Kulur may 2021.jpg
Lotto von Svada-Kol-Kir
FEIF: DE2007141521
DOB: 29. 5. 2007
1st Prize Stallion, Imported from Germany
Lotto may 2020.jpg
Gneisti von Roetgen
FEIF: DE2004143189
DOB: 23. 5. 2004
Imported from Germany
More INFO...
Hedinn fra Feti
FEIF: IS2004186916
DOB: 15. 6. 2004
Imported Frozen Semen, Denmark
hedinn 6.jpg
Dagfari frá Clear Lake Farm
FEIF: CA2002101626
DOB: 25. 3. 2002 (Deceased)
Imported Canada
dagfari equitana1.jpg
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