We are proud to be able to offer two stallions that stand at stud. Lotto and Gneisti were imported from Germany (via New Zealand - Gneisti). 

We only accept pure bred Icelandic mares for breeding. Cross breeding with other breeds is not a common practice within the Icelandic Horse world and is not encouraged. Any cross breds cannot be registered. Usually the stallions run with the mares for around 6 weeks or the mares are hand served, depending on which stallion is used. In some cases we prefer to hand serve.  Please get in touch for more information about the stallions and stud services.

Hedinn fra Feti is owned by Hvidemosen Islandsheste, Denmark and is his semen is only used for our own breeding program.

Gneisti von Roetgen
FEIF: DE2004143189
DOB: 23. 5. 2004
Lotto von Svada-Kol-Kir
FEIF: DE2007141521



S:     DE1997106860    Dreyri von Roetgen

SS:   IS1990184730      Andvari frá Ey I

SM:  IS1993286409     Snot frá Hala


M:    DE2000243874   Dagskjona von Roetgen

MS:  DE1995165492    Dagur frá Efri-Rauðalaek

MM:  IS1994286409   Fifa fra Hala

Gneisti is a chestnut (red) dun pinto stallion who was born in 2004 in Germany. He was imported to New Zealand as a yearling by the Vinbrux family from Oamaru. In August 2015 we purchased Gneisti in partnership with Narrawin stud and Alpine Icelandics.

Gneisti is five gaited and shows tölt and pace as well as the other three gaits in the paddock and under saddle. He has several offspring that are doing very well under saddle in New Zealand.


Gneisti's fantastic temperament is another thing that stands out when handling him. He is very well behaved and easy to handle from the ground and under saddle.


Gneisti is suitable for 4- and 5 gaited mares. He is standing at Narrawin stud in Dereel, Victoria (near Ballarat).


More photos of Gneisti and his offspring.....

Hedinn fra Feti
FEIF: IS2004186916
DOB: 15. 6. 2004



S:     IS1998187045    Klettur fra Hvammi

SS:   IS1988165895     Gustur fra Holi

SM:  IS1983287105     Dottla fra Hvammi


M:    IS1995284600   Gerda fra Gerdum

MS:  IS1984165010     Baldur fra Bakka

MM:  IS1988237876   Litbra fra Homluholti

Hedinn fra Feti is owned by Hvidemosen Islandsheste, in Denmark and we have bought some FROZEN SEMEN of Hedinn, which will arrive in Australia in Winter 2020. 

Hedinn is a fantastic five gaited stallion that has really high evalulation scores and was awarded 1st prize for his offspring in December 2019.

His exceptional temperament and his outcross pedigree will be a real asset to the Australia Icelandic Horse industry.

All photos are credit to Sille Sandell & Anne-Katrine Justnaes.

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S:     IS1998157152 - Þróttur frá Hvalnesi

SS:   IS1992158508 - Hjálmar frá Vatnsleysu

SM:  IS1990257153 - Háleit frá Hvalnesi


M:    DE1998241898 - Lilja von Svaða-Kol-Kir

MS:  IS1992186751 - Kristall frá Skarði

MM: NL1987210704 - Lyfting frá Aldenghoor

Lotto is a black and white pinto first prize evaluated stallion that was bred in Germany by the very well known breeder Heinrich Quick.

Lotto has been in active training in 2016 at Gestuet Lindenhof in Germany and was evaluated for conformation and rideability in June 2016. He has a very good and even gait distribution and a lot of very supple tolt. For breeding he will be suited for 4- and 5 gaited mares.

His first Australian foals were born in 2017 and are looking very promising.

His Fizo results:


Head 8.5

Neck-Withers-Shoulders 8.5

Back and Croup 8

Proportions 8.5

Legs 8

Joints 8

Hooves 7

Mane and Tail 8.5

Conformation 8.13

Ridden abilities

Tölt 8

Trot 8

Pace 8

Gallop 8

Spirit 8.5

General impression 8

Walk 8.5

Rideability 8.11

Slow tölt 8

Canter 8

Total 8.12

More photos of Lotto

Lotto in May 2020 having a bit of fun on the farm, ridden by Nele

Dagfari frá Clear Lake Farm
FEIF: CA2002101626
DOB: 25. 3. 2002

Sadly we had to say good bye to Dagfari on the 8th of April 2017, when he lost his fight with severe colic.


S:     DE1979100303    Náttfari vom Wiesenhof

SS:   IS1967187055     Hrafn frá Kröggólfsstöðum

SM:  IS1964257141     Perla frá Sauðárkróki


M:    DE1987235006   Skvetta-Hrefna

MS:  DE1982177014   Saphir vom Schloss Neubronn

MM: DE1980235668   Kola

The 5-gaited stallion Dagfari frá Clear Lake Farm, (born 2002, jet black with double mane, and a star) is a son of the  First Prize stallion Náttfari vom Wiesenhof. Náttfari, a 5-gaited stallion with an overall evaluation score of 8.55, was awarded a 9 for tölt, pace and temperament (10 highest score possible). Most importantly Náttfari was a true natural tölter - a trait which he passed on consistently, along with his typical Icelandic looks.

Dagfari is an energetic horse with a fluent, supple tölt. All gaits are clearly separated with excellent movements. His pleasing temperament, honest character and willingness make him perfectly suitable for any rider.

Dagfari is expected to produce easy tölting offspring with breed typical looks, conformational strength and performance potential. He is a fitting match for both 4- and 5-gaited mares.



Canadian Icleandic Horse Federation, Newsletter 2007 October: 
Clear Lake Farm in Magnetawan, ON hosted a seminar about the International Evaluation System for Icelandic Horses on behalf of CIHF during June 20 – 23, 2007. 

The seminar started with a demonstration of judging the conformation of adult horses. The five year old stallion Dagfari frá Clear Lake Farm by Náttfari vom Wiesenhof served as demo horse. Barbara (*) was quite pleased with his conformation and assessed most of the individual sections with a score of 8. The back and croup were assessed at 8.5, and with more developed muscles she might even have given him a 9. His lush forelock, mane and tail would be certain to reach a 9.0. 

(*) Judge Barbara Frische 


More photos of Dagfari and his offspring....

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