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Lotto - credit E Marchenay.jpg
Lotto von Svada-Kol-Kir
FEIF: DE2007141521
DOB: 29. 5. 2007
1st Prize Stallion, Import Germany



S:     IS1998157152 - Þróttur frá Hvalnesi

SS:   IS1992158508 - Hjálmar frá Vatnsleysu

SM:  IS1990257153 - Háleit frá Hvalnesi


M:    DE1998241898 - Lilja von Svaða-Kol-Kir

MS:  IS1992186751 - Kristall frá Skarði

MM: NL1987210704 - Lyfting frá Aldenghoor

Lotto is a black and white pinto first prize evaluated stallion that was bred in Germany by the very well known breeder Heinrich Quick.

Lotto has been in active training in 2016 at Gestuet Lindenhof in Germany and was evaluated for conformation and rideability in June 2016. He has a very good and even gait distribution and a lot of very supple tolt. For breeding he will be suited for 4- and 5 gaited mares.

His first Australian foals were born in 2017 and are looking very promising.


His Fizo results:


Head 8.5

Neck-Withers-Shoulders 8.5

Back and Croup 8

Proportions 8.5

Legs 8

Joints 8

Hooves 7

Mane and Tail 8.5

Conformation 8.13

Ridden abilities

Tölt 8

Trot 8

Pace 8

Gallop 8

Spirit 8.5

General impression 8

Walk 8.5

Rideability 8.11

Slow tölt 8

Canter 8

Total 8.12

Lotto in May 2020 having a bit of fun on the farm, ridden by Nele

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