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Our Horses

We take a lot of pride in our horses and aim to breed horses with good temperament, conformation and gaits. Our philosophy is to give the foals the best possible chance to grow up in a natural environment with a balanced diet and lots of room to run around and play. They grow up in a herd with horses of different ages where they learn to fit in, get put in their place by the older horses and are socialised well. We halter train and pick up the foals feet before weaning when they are 7-9 months old.

The horses are started under saddle when they turn four years old. After their initial training they have a little holiday for a few weeks to process all they have learned and then they come back be into training. We only start their tolt training once they are fit enough and know all the dressage basics. The horses are taken out on trail rides in a group as well as on their own to get used to traffic and other obsticales. 


We breed two to three foals every year and use different stallions. Our main brood mares are Freyja, Funa, Askja and Sunna. Svipa will be joining the breeding mares for a 2021 foal. Lotto's fillies will be part of the breeding program down the track.


Our current breeding stallions are Lotto von Svada-Kol-Kir and Gneisti von Roetgen. We are importing frozen semen of the first prize stallion Hedinn fra Feti, who lives in Denmark. We are planning to inseminated a few mares in the next breeding seasons.


My aim is to breed good natured, reliable and comfortable horses that are suited for the whole family and have a lot of Tölt.

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Training and Riding

Our horses are mainly being started by Chris Bahlo from Narrawin stud and have received more training by Renska Younger from Hestaviska as well as Ebony Porter from Ebony Lyla Horsemanship. I also had several girls from Europe come and stay to help with the horses. Occasionally we take in experienced international riders to help with the horses. They usually come as "wwoofers".

In summer 2019 we were lucky enough to have Hanna Dilts from Baldur Icelandics, Canada, here for a few weeks to work with the horses.


Icelandic Horse Association of Australia

The Icelandic Horse Association of Australia has been founded a few years ago by a couple of the first breeders in Australia. The aim of the association is to promote the breed and it's qualities as well as keeping records of the horses in the country. 


They publish the Tolt on Magazine, Tolt talk educational newsletters, offer online fun challenges, competitions and achievement awards.

To become a member email the secretary on:


Australia is a full member of FEIF, the international Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations.

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