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About us

Litli Stadur Icelandic Horses is owned and operated by Nele Koemle. The stud was founded in 2005 on King Island, Tasmania and moved to the Western District in Victoria in 2009. 

We started with two Australian born geldings and ended up importing two pregnant mares from the USA and Canada in 2008 as well as a stallion from Canada in 2009. Since then we breed two to three foals every year. Our goal is to breed good quality riding and breeding horses, with good temperament, conformation and gaits. Some of our horses are four gaited (meaning they have walk, trot, tölt, canter/gallop) and some are five gaited horses (meaning they have walk, trot, tölt, canter/gallop and flying pace).

In  2015 we bought the stallion Gneisti von Roetgen in partnership with Narrawin stud and Margaret Swan. Gneisti is a German bred stallion that was imported to New Zealand as a weanling and has bred many foals there. In Australia he is used as a breeding and riding horse.

In 2016 we imported the stallion Lotto von Svada Kol Kir from Germany. He is an evaluated, 5 gaited first prize stallion and we are very excited with his first offspring so far.

Nele Koemle

I am originally from Austria where I used to ride Icelandic Horses. I studied Agriculture before I came to Australia in 2003. 

I lived on King Island for 5 1/2 years and managed a large dairy farm. While I was there I started doing a lot of research about the horse bloodlines and how to go about importing horses to Australia.

After a trip to the US I imported my two mares Funa and Freyja in 2008 and my stallion Dagfari in 2009.

In 2009 I moved to the Western District of Victoria where I was able to be much more active with the horses and closer to other breeders. I live on a working dairy farm with my husband Pat and son Nelson and daughter Ellie. 

I am very passionate about Icelandic Horses and my goal is to promote this fantastic breed in Australia.


Magda is Nele's mum and lives in Austria. She is very enthusiastic about Icelandics as well and comes for yearly visits to Australia. When visiting she enjoys riding the horses and helps around the farm. Magda is co-owner of the stud.

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