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Foaling and Breeding Season 2021/2022

The foaling season has started with the very exciting arrival of Funa's ai bred colt Galsi from Litli Stadur at the start of November. Followed by Hrima's colt, Blossi from Litli Stadur on the 24th of December and Askja's colt Askur from Litli Stadur a few days after Christmas.

Galsi is out of Hedinn fra Feti, Blossi and Askur out of Lotto.

The breeding season is also very exciting with mares being bred to our new stallion, Kulur fra Haholti. Kulur has an amazing calm nature and is great with people, great to ride and great with the mares.

So far several mares have scanned in foal to Kulur for some exciting foals to come in 2022.

Hronn and Nattdis have been away for several weeks to be ai'd to Hedinn fra Feti and Styrkur fra Stangarlaek. Fingers crossed we have some success with them as well.

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