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Foaling 2023 season and more

This year we had a fairly quiet foaling and mating season with 3 foals born and only a few mares mated.

Svipa and Kulur had a lovely red dun filly in September - Eyrun.

Draumey and Styrkur had a black filly in October - Asdis.

Askja and Gneisti had a red dun colt in December - Stormur.

This year we have ai'd Hroenn to Kveikur fra Stangarlaek, Draumey is pregnant to Kulur and for the first time we did embryo transfer. Svipa is carrying Funa and Kulur's foal.

Unfortunately we lost Freyja to severe colic in Spring. she will be hard to replace, but her offspring is very promising.

In February we had a great clinic and lessons with German coach Anna Eschner and Hroenn and Olga participated in the clinics.

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