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Winter woollies...

Here in the southwest of Victoria we have had a pretty wet and cold winter this year, but we are nonetheless grateful for the water that many other parts of Australia don't get!

The horses are doing well and have put on a pretty thick winter coat this year. A few weeks ago we weaned three of the four foals and they love their life in the youngsters herd.

Sunna and Svipa will be moving to Arthurs Creek, near Melbourne for a while to be part of Renska Younger's herd and her business HestaViska - horse connection & lessons.

Svipa will receive some more training while staying with Renska and she is FOR SALE and can be viewed and tried out by appointment at Arthurs Creek! Please get in touch with Nele for more info!!

I have also attended a great dressage clinic with Lotto at the start of August. The clinic was held at Narrawin stud and the instructor was Anke Hawke, who teaches Ballanced Dressage.

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