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  • Nele Koemle

Foals, foals, foals,...

So far we have had a great foaling season with three babies on the ground and one more to come!

Askja started with a beautiful black pinto filly, Lenja. Lenja means snow storm, as she was born on a bitterly cold day (cold for Australian Spring anyway :-) ). Lenja is really friendly and loves scratches.

Freyja followed four days later, also with a filly. Solstjarna is a really well put together chestnut filly with a star. She is still a bit shy.

Then Sunna foaled on the 9th of December and also had a filly. Draumey has some really nice markings and is chestnut pinto.

All foals are showing tons of tolt just running around in the paddock.

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