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  • Nele Koemle

Foals, foals, foals

We have had a few exciting weeks with three foals already being born and one more to go :-)

Askja had a lovely bay colt, Sindri who arrived two weeks overdue. Sindri shows a lot of tolt and pace in the paddock already and is extremely friendly and up for cuddles all the time.

Freyja surprised us with her first ever filly! Hrönn is a tri colour pinto, bay and white with black mane and tail. We will definitely keep her in our herd as a future breeding and riding horse.

Sunna's foal Elding is doing very well and developing very nicely as well. She also shows all gaits in the paddock.

The breeding season starts next weeks as well. Lotto is going to be a happy boy ;-)

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