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What's been happening in the last few months......

As we are coming into Autumn our breeding season is coming to an end. This year we used quite a few different stallion - mare combinations. Freyja and Sunna are both in foal to Lotto, Askja is in foal to Sjoli, Funa was with Gneisti and Hlyja with Dagfari.

Lotto has had a great first Australian breeding season with a total of eight mares.

Lotto has settled in really well and is happy with his harem. Before Christmas we had the opportunity to take lessons and have a breeding seminar with Silke Feuchthofen. I had a great lesson on Lotto and one on Sunna. It was also lovely to catch up with a few Icey lovers from interstate.

In February I had the lovely Kristina here to help with the horses. She rode all the mares and Sorli and did some work with the youngsters.

On the 13th of March I had to say good bye to my beloved and trusty gelding Sorli. It was heart breaking to find him dead in the big paddock where he was baby sitting the youngsters. I will always treasure his memory!!

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