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Tolt and Connected Riding Clinic

Last week I attended another Connected Riding Clinic with Trisha Wren. It was organised by Yvonne and held at Narrawin stud. This year I took Dagfari to the clinic. We mainly worked on my rotation and Dagfari's bending and stepping under of the hind legs.

It was also interesting to see other people ride and work with different horses.

Chris from Narrawin stud also organised a Tolt workshop last weekend. There were a few new Gaited horse enthusiast and we all enjoyed watching and riding the different gaited breeds. There were Paso Finos, American Saddlebreds, Paso Creole, Peruvian Pasos and of course some Icelandics.

Today we are having a glorious warm spring day here in Garvoc! I took the opportunity and rode Dagfari in the arena to try out what we had learned at the clinic the other day.

After that I went and checked on the pregnant mares and the youngsters up the road. Here are a couple of photos of me hanging out with the youngsters :-)

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