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  • Nele Koemle

Lotto von Svada-Kol-Kir our new stallion has arrived!!

We have some absolutely exciting news to share! Our new imported stallion Lotto has arrived safely two weeks ago. He is slowly getting used to his new country and environment. We are very proud to own such a great 1st prize stallion in conjunction with Great Ocean Road Icelandics.

Lotto is fully evaluated for his conformation and his riding abilities. He ran his last Fizo (Evaluation) in Germany in June 2016, ridden by Eric Winkler from Gestuet Lindenhof in Altenberge, Germany.

Here are his evaluation scores:


Head 8.5

Neck-Withers-Shoulders 8.5

Back and Croup 8

Proportions 8.5

Legs 8

Joints 8

Hooves 7

Mane and Tail 8.5

Conformation 8.13

Ridden abilities

Tölt 8

Trot 8

Pace 8

Gallop 8

Spirit 8.5

General impression 8

Walk 8.5

Rideability 8.11

Slow tölt 8

Canter 8

Total 8.12

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