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Otur from Camlee

Price category: D - E

DOB: 17th December 2013

FEIF ID: AU2013103040

Colour: Black/Dark brown

Gender: Gelding

S:  AU2008103005 Halfdan from Haldnane Icelandic Horses

M: NZ2000201001 Hrefna from Vindholar Southern Icelandics

Otur is one of the few very well ridden Icelandic geldings available in Australia. He is very well educated in dressage, can be ridden out by himself and in a group without any problems, ponies of the Quadbike, is used to cows (and can round them up), he is traffic proof, loads and floats without problems by himself. 

Otur has well established gaits in walk, trot and canter. He also shows Tolt in transitions, but hasn't been Tolt trained at this stage. With his good dressage education it wouldn't take a lot to build on that to help him stay in Tolt for longer.

Otur excels at liberty work, which he really enjoys, has been ridden in a bridle as well as in a rope halter, even out on the trail!

Otur also stands for the farrier without problems and has very good ground manners. He is a sensitive boy that will go through fire for you once you have established a connection with him and he trusts you as a person. It can take a little bit of time for him to learn to trust a person, so someone that is committed to spend time with him and can offer him a home with other horse company would be the ideal person for Otur. He will be available to an approved home only where he can be part of the family!

Otur is currently out of work, but lives on a large track system to keep him fit naturally. He lives on a working dairy farm, so is used to all sort of farm machinery and noises.

VIDEOS available on request! 

Otur is owned by Bettina McLeod, located in Grassmere, Victoria. For more information please get in touch with Nele ( or Bettina (

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