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Comfortable, reliable and friendly - suited for the whole family!

About us

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For Sale

We offer a small selection of horses for sale every year. Most of them are younger horses, but occasionly we have a ridden horse available.


Feel free to contact us for more information about the breed and the horses or arrange a visit to meet them in person and have a ride.


We are aiming to breed family horses as well as horses that are suited to go on as a competition/sports horse. One thing doesn't exclude the other though. 

Icelandics are well known to be the perfect family riding horse as well as a great sporthorse for the ambitious rider.

New sales horses!

We are offering some of this year's foals for sale!

Top quality foals by our first prize stallion Kulur fra Haholti!

Vina from Litli Stadur - SOLD!

Hrydja from Litli Stadur

Draumur from Litli stadur

Kulur Landsmot 2016.jpg
Olga fizo

Olga fran Hastabet at the Fizo in Lingen, May 2022

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